My house was causing me a lot of stress. I am glad I found someone that was willing and able to help me. The offer for my house was fair and allowed me to get out from under it fast. Thank You Vince!”

– Adam and Glenda McCarthy

“I’m surprised how easy it was to sell my house. You made everything super easy for me. Thank you so much!”

– Stephanie Brooks

The speed with which you bought my house was phenomenal!  I will be recommending you Vince.”

– Pastor Andre Thomas

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What’s Your Situation

In Probate

This can be a lengthy and costly process dealing with all the legal issues of the probate process. Especially if you are the administrator over the estate. No mater the condition of the property, we can help you!

Tired Landlord

If you consider yourself to be burnt out from dealing with repairs, late rent, and managing your property, you may want to pass it on to someone who’s willing to take on the responsibility so you can be free of it. It's costing you money to sit o a property you No longer want.

Inherited an unwanted Home

Heirs to homes end up inheriting an overwhelming amount of unanticipated difficulties and headaches. Whether your goal is to live in the home, rent it out, or sell it, the best way to honor the memory of your loved one is to make the decision that effectively protects your interests.

In Foreclosure

If your home is currently in foreclosure, you still have the chance to emerge from your situation without having a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your record. But you must act fast.

Relocating/Job Transfer

You never know when life is going to ask you pick up your belongings and move overseas or to another state. Perhaps you or your partner received a job offer that you can’t turn down, family-obligations require you to relocate, or maybe you’re just ready for a change. Regardless of why you’re moving, We can help


One of the most contentious issues stemming from divorce is what to do with the family home. In many cases, it is difficult or impossible for a single spouse to maintain the home on his or her own. In other cases, the couple may choose to sell the home and divide the proceeds, but find themselves bogged down trying to find a suitable buyer.

Solving Problems One House at a Time!!


What people are saying about us!

"These guys were just wonderful. They bought our house and then at the last minute, they let us rent it out to us for three more months. LRG was a real life saver. We definitely recommend Lawrence Realty Group!"

Lisa and Randy Golding, Kernesville, NC

"After my brother passed away a year ago, I listed his home with a real estate agent for six months with no results, I decided to call Lawrence Realty Group and some other investors. The other investors weren’t sure about anything, but my LRG representative spent a lot of time with me explaining various solutions to our situation. I was very impressed with the information she gave me, plus the price was just what I needed to help my brother’s children. They were looking out for my best interests and I came away impressed with the service. I would gladly recommend Lawrence Realty Group!"

Felicia L. Gaines, Winston Salem, NC

"We are so happy we found Vince and Stephanie. We wanted to sell our house fast and they made it very easy. Everyone else gave us a hard time and then did nothing. They came in and made everything work. They are wonderful people to have in your corner when you need to sell fast.Thanks guys."

Mr. and Mrs. Fabiano, Clemmons, NC

We Buy Houses in Any Condition

We pay cash for houses and buy them 'as-is' regardless of repairs needed.

Fire damaged Home

No matter the square footage, location or even condition of your home, I can help you.  My name is Vince Lawrence and I’m glad you found me because I am looking for property to buy for cash, closing quickly and with no hassles! I am the buyer you have been searching for and am prepared with a cash offer for your North Carolina home because Vince buys houses throughout the Triad.

Interested?   Enter your your information on the home page or click here and I will contact you with an offer. There are no hidden risks,fees or implied obligations with this offer. If you are willing to hear my offer by entering your contact information then I will send you a special report, “How to Sell YOUR North Carolina House Within 10 Days.